Posted by: Jaena | January 13, 2011

Looking to Lose Weight and Boost Your Energy?

Have you tried Nutritional Cleansing?  Cleansing is important to rid the toxins from our body.  Nutritional cleansing not only rids the body of toxins but puts nutrients into your body while helping to  promote weight loss and greater energy.  It helps to boost the metabolism as well. Please check out these short videos to learn more:

1) “Cleanse”

2) “Are You Toxic”?

Please share  your thoughts.  Thank you.



  1. Jaena,
    Thank you so much for recommending this cleanse! As a wellness coach myself, I understand the importance of feeling great and ALWAYS being on top of my game. Even when we eat clean all year, our bodies get used to the foods we eat. Cleansing is a great way to shock the body, detox anything stuck inside and kick start your metabolism all over again!

    I am looking forward to GREAT amounts of energy! Thank again for being YOU!
    XO TIna

  2. Thank you Tina!!! I am very excited that we’re all doing this together with our clients and will achieve great results. :-).

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