Posted by: Jaena | March 20, 2011

Why Should We Cleanse?

It is important to cleanse or rid our body of impurities for several reasons:

1) Body fat becomes metabolically inactive because it’s doing something important by keeping the impurities out of your bloodstream and protecting you from its harmful influence. No matter how hard you exercise, your body will not let go of this fat until the impurities are gone.

2) When we cleanse, we become revitalized and an increase in energy is very common.

3) Cleansing the impurities from our bodies can help to prevent the development of future disease.

A nutritional cleanse is a nutrient loaded cleanse which puts nutrients into your body while cleansing instead of depleting your body of necessary nutrients which could shut down your metabolism and prevent fat loss. This is why I like the Isagenix Cleanse Program.

I have been cleansing once a month for the past three months now. I feel more rejuvenated, I have more mental clarity and my body is leaner. To sum it up, I feel great!!! What is even better is that my clients have lost weight that they have been struggling to lose and have managed to keep it off. :-). For more info. on Cleansing or Isagenix, please goto:


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