Posted by: Jaena | April 28, 2011

Are You Toxic?

The answer to that question is YES!!!  It is important to rid the toxins from our body through cleansing.  Since incorporating a Nutritional Cleanse into my regimen, I have never felt better. My energy is through the roof, I have more mental clarity. It’s funny but people come up to me all the time and ask me if I am getting ready to compete again ( I’m a six-time bodybuilding champion who likes to say that I never officially retired).  The truth is that if I were to compete again, my work would be a lot easier this time around.

When I was first asked about cleansing, I was very skeptical.  I had heard about all types of cleanses, most which strip your body of necessary nutrients. When a good friend told me about  the Isagenix Cleanse and after doing some research, I decided to try it.  After a few days, I began to feel more energized.  After drinking the Shakes, I started to lean out even more and became very excited.  The products were easy to use because they’re natural and organic and taste great.  The program fits right into my lifestyle making it very easy to adhere to.

Because of the success that I have found with Isagenix, I feel compelled to share it with everyone I know that wants to achieve better health and wellness.  

Please feel free to check out the site @ and let me know what you think.


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