Posted by: Jaena | March 5, 2015


Here are a few more healthy food choice comparisons which may or may not surprise you.

  • Quinoa vs. Brown Rice-quinoa provides more protein, fiber, potassium, magnesium, zinc, folate and energy boosting iron than brown rice. “A University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, study found that higher intakes of folate can help in the battle against hypertension.” (Xun et al. 2012). Quinoa contains amino acids which make it a valuable protein source for building muscle. Quinoa also cooks faster than brown rice.
  • Kidney Beans vs. Black Beans-kidney beans provide 75% more dietary fiber than black beans. A diet high in fiber is more likely to ward off chronic illnesses such as cardiovascular disease. Kidney beans also have twice as much iron which can help boost performance in female exercisers.
  • Greek Yogurt vs. Regular Yogurt-Greek yogurt provides twice as much protein as regular yogurt. Greek yogurt contains beneficial bacteria which is important for better gut health. Although Greek yogurt contains half the sugar of regular yogurt, regular yogurt contains more calcium.
  • Whole –Wheat Bread vs. Sprouted Bread-“a recent study by Canadian researchers found that sprouted bread brought about a smaller spike in blood sugar in volunteers than the whole-grain breads that were tested.” (Mofidi et al.2012) This could help in the fight against diabetes and obesity. Sprouted breads are often richer in protein and fiber and is thought to make foods easier to digest.

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